How to Play Fantasy Hockey

If you have already played a fantasy sport before, like, for example, fantasy baseball, or have been a part of the fantasy football league, then you must already be familiar with the layout and the basic rules of the game. You are probably also familiar with Michigan online sports betting, since you are a true sports fan. There are only some minor differences if you compare those fantasy sports to fantasy hockey. However, if you haven’t had an opportunity to do so before but you are looking forward to putting your skills to the test in fantasy hockey league this season, then this article is the perfect guide for you. It will teach you everything that you need to know about ice hockey and how to play it.

What Is Fantasy Hockey And How Does It Work?

As the name suggests, this type of hockey is a fantasy sport where players create their teams, trade their players and play games against each other; simply put, you are the manager of your own fantasy hockey team.

Players that play in actual NHL generate different statistics based on their performance. Depending on the fantasy league and its rules, different real-life NHL players’ stats are included when calculating one final performance stat for the fantasy league.

Since you manage your fantasy team, you will be deciding on a starting lineup every week. Depending on the performances of real-life NHL players, your team will generate a score that comprised of the scores earned by the players in your starting lineup. The other person that you are playing against does the same, and the result of the game is determined depending on their score and the league’s rules. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Different League Types

Now, those are just the basic rules which can be applied to any fantasy sport. When it comes to fantasy hockey, the differences come with the variety of fantasy leagues. The differences between the leagues include the way the points are calculated, the drafting method, the number of teams and most importantly, how often the games are played.

Also, while some leagues are free to play, others require an entry fee at the start of every season, and that sum is used for the prize that is either split or awarded to the winner at the end of the season. Keep in mind that some fantasy leagues disband at the end of the season while some “roll over” and continue for multiple seasons.


With all that new info in mind, you can quickly decide what sort of fantasy league you want to join, as there are many websites offering you a chance to join one. Even better, you can make one with your friends where you can customize the rules by yourself. Now that you know the basics, all that is left to do is draft a winning team.

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