Is Betgenius Revolutionizing NHL Sports Betting

Technological innovations are helping sports players, fans, referees, and anyone involved in them in any way, even those who want to bet using Football Index Review. Certain implementations such as the VAR (video assistant referee) technology in soccer, replay center in basketball or the Hawkeye system in tennis help referees bring decisions when needed, as it’s not always possible to see everything with the naked eye.

As ice hockey is a rougher game, the only time referees get the help from instant replays is in case of disputed goals. Certain requirements decide whether the goal is legit or not. This is actually one of the most important implementations for the gamblers, as one goal can completely change the outcome of your bet.

What’s New?

The news that gamblers were extremely excited about was the announcement and implementation of the new tracking system. Imagine seeing live stats on any player you want — distance travelled, current speed, average speed, top speed, etc. This is all possible thanks to the new application developed by Betgenius, which is the leading software supplier for sports betting companies.

Gamblers can see the live odds on the screen as well, which will change as the time goes by and goals are scored, players are ejected, or if any other event that might affect the gameplay occurs. Odds change in a matter of seconds, almost instantly. This allows anyone who’s watching the game through the app to collect data for future predictions, see current stats and change the betting strategy accordingly.

Virtual Reality

The news that spread like wildfire through the web was that Betgenius also released a VR game or a program that allows users to do a couple of things:

  • Practice hockey from home
  • Watch replays of games in virtual reality
  • Switch between players throughout the game
  • Jump to any point of the game
  • Pause the game and look 360 degrees around them.


This truly is something everyone was hoping for — a new implementation of cutting-edge technology. In the set you get a headset and stick, without the puck. It is a custom-made stick that synchronizes with the headset projection and allows the user to hit the virtual puck. It is quite precise, although it’s definitely going to be improved in the feature.

Experienced players can watch the footage of their performance in the first person mode, pausing whenever needed in order to see what they could have done better. It is quite useful for entire teams as well, as the software allows syncing across multiple devices. Watching a couple of games of your opponents before facing them might help you figure out their playstyle better and act accordingly in the upcoming match against them.

How Does This Affect Gambling on NHL Games?

The implementation of the new tracking technologies and the VR does have a huge impact on the gambling part of the game as well. Some of the brand new bets you will be able to place include:

  • Guessing if the player will skate above or under the given mileage
  • Picking the part of the net in which the puck will enter next
  • The speed at which the puck will travel towards the goal
  • Choosing the ice area from which the next goal will be scored.


Keep in mind that, if you just want to watch the game without any of this, no one is stopping you. NHL and companies developing new software thoroughly analyzed the market before developing something new, as innovations such as the one we talked about today take a lot of time and resources. The main reason is that the core of Virtual Reality is something engineers and scientists are still working on.

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