The Benefits of Learning a Musical Instrument

Music moves the soul, the body, and the air. Music is an important part of human history, and we all have some favorites that we listen to in our spare time. Music helps us become better in so many ways just by listening to it.

Yet, what about playing music ourselves? Learning a musical instrument has many benefits which are not simply knowing how to play and replicate music. Following are a couple of reasons as to why you should learn a musical instrument, as well as its benefits.

To Be Able to Make and Remake Music

Music is amazing and by learning to play any musical instrument, you will be able to replicate what musicians before you played, as well as to play your own music. There is a great joy in playing music which you love because it is not only being played but it is being played by you and you are not pressing a single button and letting a machine do it instead of you.

When one gets to composing and playing their own music, things become that much more interesting.

Playing Music Helps Socialization

Everybody likes to hear a musical instrument being played so knowing how to play one will score you points with people. You will be able to meet new people, whether listeners who are there for the music, or admirers who love someone with an instrument, or other musicians who you might want to play and work with. 

Knowing how to play an instrument can help with socialization and that is something desperately needed after a long period of isolation, due to a global pandemic.

Music Bridges Gaps – Playing Music Even More

Knowing a variety of popular songs can get you a long way, with any audience. Yes, there are people who consider themselves unique due to the genre they are listening to, yet every genre has its popular songs, from metal to actual pop music. Knowing some hits can help you bridge a gap between people who you would otherwise not consider interacting with. Meeting new people just because you know “their music” is one of the most amazing performances.

Live Performances – Living on a Stage

Stage performances are some of the best things in music, when a person gets to show off their skills and play for their audience, whether as a cover band or their original stuff. Performing on a stage is different from playing for yourself or for a couple of people. It might scare you at first, but after a while, things get a lot better, and a lot more fun.

Listening to music is great, but why only listen to it when you can help make it by playing a musical instrument. Go ahead and pick one, or more, you will not be disappointed.

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