What Are The Health Benefits of Owning a Pet?

Pets rock! If you own a cat, a dog, or any other animal and devote your attention to it, you are gaining a lot more than you know, especially health-wise. Pets have such a strong effect on our well-being that we could claim they are often responsible for saving the humankind!

Daily interaction with our furry friends can significantly improve our health. Let’s take a look at some of the health benefits that we receive from pets.

No More Stress

Some researches have shown that people perform stressful tasks with much more success if their pets are nearby. They manage to lower levels of stress, which is why many stress therapies are based on owning a pet. A couple of addiction centers even suggest using pets to get through a withdrawal phase as patients would have a companion who would help them get by.

Blood Pressure is Stabilized

According to some studies, people who suffer from hypertension have their blood pressure lowered when they interact with their pets. A veterinary consultant Marty Becker said that people who have a dog in their home will have fewer problems related to their blood pressure.

Dogs and cats reduce hypertension because they manage to lower stress levels that are in most cases directly related to blood pressure problems.

Cholesterol Levels are Lowered

High levels of cholesterol can lead to many unpleasant things, and it seems that pets can lower its levels as well. However, this may not be directly related to pets as much as it is related to the fact that people who own pets have a healthier lifestyle overall. For example, dog lovers are prone to exercising more simply because they need to take their dogs for a walk.

Chronic Pain is Decreased

Pets can also decrease chronic pain caused by migraine and arthritis. According to a couple of professionals, owning a pet reduces anxiety that is the main reason behind chronic pain. A study conducted at the Loyola University showed that patients who were recovering from surgery with their pet nearby needed fewer painkillers overall!

Improved Immunity

According to a study, children aged five to seven are more likely to have slightly better immunity if they own a pet. Furthermore, pets are more likely to prevent allergies, as kids who grew up around a lot of animals (for example on a farm) do not have allergy-related problems. In other words, their immune systems are very strong because of the animals!

Psychological Well-being

Finally, pets are known to improve overall psychological health as people who suffer from anxiety and depression can get almost completely cured if they own a pet. Dozens of studies have been conducted all over the globe, and all of them shown that pets make people happy, which is the main reason why we love them, and they certainly know how to love us back!


All types of pets can improve our lives in many positive ways! Even if you choose a non-standard pet such as a rabbit or a reptile, you will notice that your daily interaction with the animal would positively affect your brain and your body. Animals have some special kind of energy which is still a mystery to us, but we can channel it and use it to live a happier life!

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