Why You Should Start Jogging Right Now

Sports are important for our entertainment, health and in general, having a good time. Some people prefer watching sports, others love to participate and take action. In general, moving and being fit is a great feeling, one that any athlete and person who exercises frequently is familiar with.

But, with a global pandemic on our hands and with how most people started working from home, doing sedentary jobs, things have changed. When one sits too much, their bodies become weaker. Having motion in the hips, the strength and flexibility of the quads and hip flexors, not to mention the gluteus, is essential for our health.

Fear not, jogging is the solution. Here are a couple of reasons why you should start jogging right now.

Mobility and the Much-Needed Exercise

Most people who have switched to working from home have suffered from a lack of motion. That might not seem like a big deal at first, but given enough time, one could start damaging their nerves and introducing unnecessary problems with the spine and hips. Jogging can be the solution to that. Simply go outside, take a pair of sneakers and start jogging. Jogging implies that you are not moving at a fast tempo, meaning that your body will have enough time to catch up to your desired form. Taking it slowly is recommended at first, especially after a long period of sitting. Jogging is a great place to start.

The Joy of Motion – Jogging is Fun

Nothing beats a good run, except maybe a good jog, to start things off. Jogging is a great recreational activity and a good way to start your day or end it, even. Jogging can take you places, literally, but also metaphorically. Once you start moving and exercising, whether for the first time or after a longer pause, you will experience the literal joy of exercise. Jogging is easy enough on the body that you can start getting back to a routine of regular exercising without burning out your entire body in an intense HIIT session. Take it slow and remind yourself of what it is like to move and exercise.

Jogging Can Be Done with Friends

Sometimes, starting something on our own is very difficult and challenging. Having friends help. Doing stuff with friends is even better. Why not ask a friend who is fit, or even better, one who is not, to start jogging together? This way, both of you could enjoy the workout and support one another on a journey to better overall health and healthier habits. It is a great opportunity to socialize and catch up.

Jogging is a great sport and recreational activity and if you get the chance, you should go and try it. It requires nothing other than a pair of running shoes and weather-appropriate clothing. Have fun and enjoy!

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