5 Songs to Play During Your Workout

Everybody loves a good workout, particularly when they are motivated. Workouts often go better when there is some motivation around, particularly if they are boring in nature, like working out at a gym, where repetition tends to get to you, pun intended.

Well, what about music? Music gets the blood flowing, particularly in a gym where you need it to flow, and rapidly so, as to feed all the hungry muscles, as well as the brain. Here are the best workout songs that you can play when at the gym and outside (they work best if you have headphones).

Survivor – Eye of the Tiger

No workout is complete without this song. You can play it during every single workout and you will likely see the improvements, if not in the technique and the fitness, then in the will to try again and execute the exercise. Eye of the Tiger has been in gyms all over the world ever since the song was released alongside its movie, Rocky III. It was almost not created, given that Stallone first contacted Queen, but they were otherwise engaged. We owe it to Queen for this amazing song, in some regard.

Olivia Newton-John – Physical

This is one of those songs which just needs to be on a workout playlist. The song is pretty much about being physical, now the way you want to interpret that is up to you. Working it is what is important and with this song you are likely to do much more than you would if you were not listening to it.

Eminem – Lose Yourself

This is one of those hits that transcends genres, just like any other hit. People know of it, they jam to it and they dance to it. They also work out for it, more often than not. The point of the song also carries over into working out, losing yourself in the moment. Just make sure that the moment is not a deadlift or an otherwise comparably dangerous exercise. You might actually lose yourself in the moment.

Kanye West – Power

Modern hits are also important in the gym, particularly with fans of hip hop. This song resonates with those who are pushing and pulling to reach their limit, whichever muscle group they are working on.

Whichever Song You Enjoy

In the end, it is all about you listening to whatever you enjoy. If a song motivates you, but it is as slow as it can get, then it is the right song for you to listen to while working out. Slow, delta blues, but if the blood gets going, then it is your workout track. Try and find your own songs, because you are likely to work better when listening to them.

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