5 Reasons Why Sports Make Us Happy

Everybody knows that exercise is good for you. Some of the people who are not too lazy to exercise have experienced it for themselves. You start your day feeling down and unmotivated, go out for a run even though that was the last thing you wanted to do, and come back home fresh, full of energy, and happy once again. However, what is it in sports and physical activity that does the trick and flips the happiness switch in our brain? Ever since this phenomenon was first noticed, science has…

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Best Activities for Weight Loss

In our hectic schedule of daily lives, all of us want to get in the right shape and get fit as soon as possible. The truth is that some simple activities might actually help us in losing weight. You don’t have to work out in the gym several times a week to shed off that extra inches. By performing your usual daily activities, you can burn most calories and melt the pounds away. Even food lovers who find it hard to stick to strict food diets can also succeed in…

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